Boone County, Indiana Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Mike Nielsen

Reserve Responsibilities


A)    Reserves shall have all the powers and duties of regular members of the Sheriff’s office.  Reserve Deputies serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff and shall be subject to discharge without a hearing.


B)    The Boone County Sheriff's office Reserve Division has been serving Boone County, Indiana since 1979.  It is comprised of volunteers who are sworn Deputies empowered by the Sheriff of Boone County.


C)    The reserve command staff consists of a Commander and Squad Leaders responsible for the coordination of events, discipline, training schedule, hours monitoring, scheduling of vehicle maintenance/repairs, and any other request of the reserve division.


D)    A class "A" Reserve Deputy has completed an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Academy and is qualified to perform solo patrol duties, having full law enforcement authority.  These deputies are typically assigned to the patrol division; however, deputies possessing special skills may be assigned to other areas.  Road-qualified reserves will also provide court security, work security/traffic at special events, and perform other special assignments as designated by the Sheriff.


E)     A Class "B" Reserve Deputy has completed required training, having full law enforcement authority and serve as authorized by the Sheriff.  They will at times transport prisoners to/from the jail and courthouse.


THANK YOU for your interest in becoming part of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division.

Bob Craig


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