Boone County, Indiana Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Mike Nielsen

Boone County EMA


The overall mission of the Boone County Emergency Management Agency is to ensure the safety of the people and property of Boone County . We strive to accomplish this goal through the following actions:


1) By identifying which hazards have the potential of affecting Boone County,

2) By identifying how people, property, and structures within this area could possibly be damaged/injured in the event of a disaster,

3) By preparing the community through mitigation, by communicating appropriate information, and coordination of various community departments, agencies, and volunteer groups. We also attempt to appropriately and efficiently respond to disasters, and coordinate disaster recovery assistance.



Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Weather Service - Indiana
Indiana Department of Homeland Security
US Department of Homeland Security


Mike Martin

Director of EMA

1905 Indianapolis Ave

Lebanon, IN 46052

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8am - 4pm

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