Boone County, Indiana Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Mike Nielsen



Welcome to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. I am Sheriff Mike Nielsen and I have the privilege and the honor of serving the citizens of Boone County and leading the men and women of the Sheriff’s office.


The mission statement of the Sheriff’s Office is clear – "The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing a safe and supportive community through honest, competent, professional and progressive law enforcement services.” Our Value points are Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Professionalism, and Commitment.


The Office of Sheriff has an obligation to protect life and property and to perform our duties with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. As a proactive law enforcement agency, our innovative programs and access to advanced technology help us work more efficiently and effectively. We will be tough on crime and responsive to the needs and concerns of our community while at the same time being fair and just to the people we serve.


At the BCSO, we believe in working together with members of our community to achieve public safety goals. We are proud of the overall efforts we take part in with citizens, schools, businesses, community organizations, government leaders and fellow law enforcement agencies. We build on these alliances when we face a particular public safety threat or challenge and also during day to day calls for service, meetings, special events and other activities throughout the year.


We will strive to include citizens in the public safety process by offering them opportunities to take an active role in crime prevention and by keeping them informed of public safety matters. We host many meetings and special events and we attend homeowner’s association meetings and other community functions. 

We believe strongly in engaging citizens in good, old-fashioned conversations. We offer our Citizens Academy as well as a Reserve Academy each year. We will begin to maintain an active presence on social-networking sites.


In addition to fighting crime, we believe in giving back to our community through various outreach programs. We provide opportunities that encourage our young people to make good decisions, provide assistance to disadvantaged families, and support local fundraisers.  We support a number of charitable organizations including United Way, Special Olympics, Boone County Cancer Society, Boone County Mental Health, and our school corporations throughout the county just to name a few.


Our primary responsibility at the Corrections Facility is to keep inmates secure but we also offer them access to a general-equivalency diploma program, a chaplain program, drug programs, anger management classes, and other services to help them re-enter society as more productive citizens. Our goal is to keep them out of jail and not see them re-offend.

Our Communications center is the heart of every call and the life line for all of our public safety personnel throughout the county. We believe that it all starts in this center and it is so important to maintain that courteous, calm and professional posture when answering that 911 call or administrative call.


Thank you for visiting our website. We have only just begun! I encourage you to search our website and provide us with any feedback that you may think will assist us in serving you better. Our office is here to work for you. We thank you for that opportunity and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Sheriff Michael T. Nielsen


January 31, 2020


The Boone County Sheriff’s Office will proudly honor our fallen hero, Jacob Pickett, again this year on Saturday, March 7th, 2020. The special day is hosted by the Jacob Pickett Response Organization and will include a fun filled day to honor Jake’s legacy by helping a law enforcement family in need. Please see attached media release put together by the Jacob Pickett Response Organization.

Sheriff Mike Nielsen commented: “I am so honored to support Jen by being a part of Jakes legacy...always paying it forward. Jake was always there for anyone in need and now it is time for all of us to continue to carry that message and his mission onward. Jen and her team have worked countless hours to form this 501(c)3 called the Jacob Pickett Response Organization. I am so proud of Jens accomplishments and I am honored to be part of that team. I ask each one of you to join us on March 7, 2020 as we raise money to support the Farinella family at Jakes second annual Remembrance Day. Be a servant leader as Jake was by putting others before self. Please pray for peace and healing for the Farinella’s as they walk through this journey.”

Deputy Jacob Picket Remembrance Day