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November 3-November 4 (40 Spots)


In contact there is control and with stability speed. In all there are fourteen factors that affect your performance in firearms response to an active threat. Each factor has a time element which determines tactical advantage. Hands-to-Guns addresses each of these factors and reduces those time elements to give you the tactical advantage. The average personal attack unfolds in under two seconds. Response time is measured at an estimated 4.0 seconds from awareness to first round on confirmed threat from concealment. Do the math! How can you go from threat recognition to first round downrange in the least amount of time? How can you develop the critical fundamentals of handgun shooting as applied to your own personal defense? You will find the answers here from the very best in the business. Whether you are civilian (open or concealed carry) or law enforcement (on or off duty), this training is designed for both armed and unarmed response versus single or multiple attackers and is essential to anyone anticipating engagement of a physical threat at close quarters and under duress. Yes, you shoot on a flat range to develop your firearms handling and marksmanship skills, and of course you train in defensive tactics, but never the two worlds shall meet, that is, until circumstances demand you go from hands-on to guns and vice versa. Effective transition from hand-to-hand to hand-to-gun at extreme close quarters and under duress is a skill that is developed only by professional instruction and supervised repetition. No live fire – all you need is your training blue/ red gun (inert training handgun replica/ SIRT OK) and matching OWB/ IWB holster.



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