Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Google Earth Link to route

From Connection Point Church Brownsburg:

SR 267 (Green St.)

SouthTo SR 136 (Main St.) East

To Odell St South

To CR 400 N (Airport Rd.) East

To Ronald Reagan Parkway North

To 56th St. West

To Northfield Dr. North

To SR 267 North

To Boone County


SR 267 north to Perry Worth Rd

North on Perry Worth Rd. to CR 100 South

West onto Indianapolis Ave

North to Main St. West

To Meridian St. North

To Washington St. West

To SR 39 (Lebanon St.) South

To I-65 South


I-65 South to Exit 138

South on Indianapolis Road

To SR 267

Cross SR 267 Continuing on Indianapolis Road

To Whitestown Parkway

East on Whitestown Parkway

To Zionsville

To US 421 (Michigan Rd.) South


US 421 South

To 38th St. East

East on 38th St. to Capital Avenue

South on Capital Avenue to West 34th Street

West on 34th St.

To Crown Hill Cemetery


Visitation for Jake 


Thursday March 8th, 2018 (2:00pm-7:00pm)

Crown Hill Cemetery – Funeral home

700 W 38th Street

Indianapolis, IN

Funeral Services for Jake 


Friday March 9th, 2018 @ 1100 Hours

Connection Pointe Christian Church – 1800 N Green Street -- Brownsburg, IN

The route of the procession is forthcoming.  Another update will be sent when that is in place. 

Google Maps location of Church

Burial will commence at the Hero's Site at Crown Hill Cemetery.



A message sent to the Boone County Community:


March 9, 2018


To: Our Boone County Community


From: Sheriff Mike Nielsen


Subject: We have your back -  #JAKESTRONG


Thank you, Jake, for your overwhelming strength you gave each of us yesterday so that we could make it through a day that was filled with some of the hardest emotions that many of us have ever had to go through. You carried us through brother and for that we grateful. Now I ask that you please do the same today as there will be even harder emotions that we try to overcome and conquer.


A simple message to all of Boone County that Jake and Brik loved and protected. The overwhelming support that has poured out from each of you across this county has been tremendous. For this you have the heartfelt gratitude from Jen, the family, and each of us that are part of the Sheriff’s Office.   It is clearly a testimony of Jake’s work and dedication to his job that he did every day in this community. He and Brik held the Thin Blue Line to protect each of you, it is your turn to honor and pay your respect to him. To thank him for paying that ultimate sacrifice, I ask this of each of you. Line the streets where the procession will pass, wave your flags, turn your blue lights on at home, put your hand to your heart as he passes by you, salute if you choose, wave the signs that say thank you, shed a tear………. 


Most importantly, please pray for Jake, Jen, the boys, and the rest of the family as they pass by you today. Remember that they are hurting worse than any of us.  They will need these prayers long into the future. Include in that short prayer that a shield of protection will cover each of the thousands of police, fire, ems, EMA, and federal law enforcement officers that will pass by you today. As they do, remember they are the only thing that is standing between that evil and each of you. They are your warriors.


To those few that are evil in our community, we have a message for you. Do not tread on us as we will not give!  You will never deter us from our mission of protecting those we love. We will hold strong that Thin Blue Line and not allow you to cross it, just as our warrior Jake did so bravely last Friday.


Proverbs 24:20 


“for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.”




In God we Trust,


Sheriff Mike Nielsen


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