Monday, December 11, 2017
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Edged Weapons Defense- October 21-22, 2017 $275.00

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What is the best knife for me to carry? Where is the best place to carry a folding or fixed blade? How can I rapidly access and utilize my knife if needed under extreme duress? What if I don’t have a gun or a knife – with nothing in my hands – how can I defend myself from one or more assailants attacking me with edged weapons?

Take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to learn from a real-world protective agent from deep within the US Defense Intelligence community. Ex-CIA Protective Programs defensive tactics subject matter expert and foremost edged-weapons educator Steve Tarani steps outside “the Agency” to provide you with this vetted, unarmed, easy-to-follow training. Gain the opportunity to develop your instinctive reflexes to handle an overwhelming physical threat.

No prior training or prerequisites necessary. This is NOT martial arts. This is NOT “knife fighting.” This is a professional Protective Services approach to doing what it takes to protect yourself and those with you.


Course Content: Access (where and how to carry) and rapid deployment of a fixed, folding or improvised blade at Contact Range, Do’s and Don’ts of utilizing a blade in an actual threat engagement, protecting your exposure of lethal target areas, real-world scenarios (single/ multiple threats 360 approach), managing the fateful Injury/ Distance liability gap, unarmed defense and disarming, hostage Escape Scenarios, what are and how to protect the seven lethal strikes zones vulnerable to an edged weapon attack, unarmed defense versus a machete, mastering force vectors, protective blade handling skills (“indexing”, etc.), handling multiple assailants and a rare training block on rapid deployment and usage of curved blades for personal defense.

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