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Impact Weapons Defense (2 Day) April 22-23, 2017

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What if you could use anything you can get in your hands such as a hand-held flashlight, rolled-up magazine, toilet plunger, rolling pin, umbrella and the like to defends yourself against a violent physical attack? You can now learn how to use any of these and more as an impact weapon. The most innocuous yet most effective of these is the walking stick/ cane which few people know can be used as a VERY effective defensive weapon. Unlike a gun or a knife, it can be carried on an airplane and in countries where both firearms and edged weapons are not permitted. Learn the combative carry, access, rapid deployment, overall safe operational handling and manipulation of small hand-held improvised impact weapons to include the walking stick/ cane in self defensive. In addition to striking, it can be used to deflect an incoming attack, take down single or multiple attackers, and allow you to control the situation at a safe distance.


This course additionally provides training in defense against sudden assaults by attackers wielding contact weapons at close quarters - approximately six (6) to eight (8) feet. Scope of course application includes sudden altercation with any edged or impact weapon or weaponless attacks such as multiple armed assailants and with your life at risk and no time to escape or deploy other options. This course instills confidence and capability to effectively control such situations by employing appropriate defensive concepts and technique in using impact weapons to avoid mitigate or defend against a violent physical attack in self-defense. There is no prior training or experience required for this course. For more info on the walking stick part of this course click on

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