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DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN Course- August 4-6


Instructor: Steve McDaniel

Thunder Ranch Adjunct Instrutor

Former Gunsite Academy, Inc. Adjunct Instructor

Yavapi Firearms Academy Lead Instructor

Certified Edged Weapon Instructor 


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This 3 day shotgun course will cover shotgun safety, mechanics, maintenance, operation and marksmanship.  The participant will learn the following:  how to zero and pattern their weapon; instruction on malfunction clearances; various firing positions; and use of cover and barricades.  Instruction will also be provided on multiple threat and no-shoot situations.



Successful completion of the Defensive Handgun Course – Level I is preferred but not mandatory.

Students must have either a valid Alaska Concealed Carry Permit, provide current military or law enforcement identification, or have obtained a State of Alaska background check prior to participating in this training.

±  Good attitude

±  Good quality shotgun

¤  If you do not have a shotgun, one can be rented for a nominal fee

±  Full-size handgun system

¤  Strong-side, outside the pants hip holster with fully enclosed trigger guard for safety purposes, either thumb-break or friction fit retention system

¤  Ammunition carrier, speed loaders for revolvers or 3 magazines for semi-automatics

±  350 rounds of birdshot, 75 rounds of 00 buckshot, and 50 rounds slug

¤  Provided by the participant

±  Appropriate clothing

¤  Ball cap, BDU pants, closed toe footwear, rain gear, etc.

±  Completed Application for Training

±  Mandatory protective gear

¤  Safety glasses and hearing protection

¤  Protective gear can be provided by Alaska Tactical upon request

±  Recommended protective gear

¤  Knee pads

¤  Elbow pads

±  Shotgun rental fee is $150.00

¤  Must use Alaska Tactical ammunition if renting a firearm

¤  Cost of ammunition is not included in shotgun rental fee

±  Brown bag lunch and water

¤  Refreshments will not be provided by AT&S

±  Cost of $575.00

¤  Cost includes range fees



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