Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Reserve Division Employee Staff:                Serving Since:                     Email:

Commander Robert Craig                            1995                                  rcraig@cco.boone.in.us

Squad Leader Tim Hester                            1995                                  thester@co.boone.in.us

Squad Leader Brian Guiducci                      1997                                  bguiducci@co.boone.in.us

Squad Leader Mike Snider                          1999                                  msnider@co.boone.in.us

Squad Leader Rick Parsons                        1985                                  rparsons@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Tom Melville                      2012                                  tmelville@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Chris Litscher                    2011                                  clistchser@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Paul Kite                            2009                                  pkite@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Adam Klingensmith           2005                                  aklingensmith@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Kevin Orr                           2008                                  korr@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Jon "Chip" Cravens           2010                                  jcravens@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Rex Cook                          2009                                  rcook@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Scott Phillips                     2010                                  sphillips@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Mike Gideon                     1996                                  mgideon@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Brad Gray                         2009                                  bgray@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Breanna Shively               2014                                  bshively@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Bill Woodard                     1978                                  wwoodard@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Bob Givan                         2009                                  bgivan@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Mark Batic                         2016                                  mbatic@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Benjamin Worrell               2016                                  bworrell@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Patrick Taylor                    2018                                  ptaylor@co.boone.in.us

Reserve Deputy Ray Hieston                      2018                                  rhieston@co.boone.in.us





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