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Reserve Division Employee Staff:                Serving Since:                     Email:

Commander Robert Craig                            1995                        

Squad Leader Tim Hester                            1995                        

Squad Leader Brian Guiducci                      1997                        

Squad Leader Mike Snider                          1999                        

Squad Leader Rick Parsons                        1985                        

Reserve Deputy Tom Melville                      2012                        

Reserve Deputy Chris Litscher                    2011                        

Reserve Deputy Paul Kite                            2009                        

Reserve Deputy Adam Klingensmith           2005                        

Reserve Deputy Kevin Orr                           2008                        

Reserve Deputy Jon "Chip" Cravens           2010                        

Reserve Deputy Rex Cook                          2009                        

Reserve Deputy Scott Phillips                     2010                        

Reserve Deputy Mike Gideon                     1996                        

Reserve Deputy Travis Sutphin                  2014                        

Reserve Deputy Brad Gray                         2009                        

Reserve Deputy Breanna Shively               2014                        

Reserve Deputy Bill Woodard                     1978                        

Reserve Deputy Bob Givan                         2009                        

Reserve Deputy Mark Batic                         2016                        

Reserve Deputy Tobias Shepherd               2016                        

Reserve Deputy Benjamin Worrell               2016                        

Reserve Deputy Patrick Taylor                    2018                        

Reserve Deputy Ray Hieston                      2018                        

Reserve Deputy Caleb Otto                        2018                        





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