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Boone County Communications
Director Tom Garoffolo
 Director Tom Garoffolo tgaroffolo@co.boone.in.us

Communications Assistant Art Naekel artnaekel@co.boone.in.us

Sergeant Bob Hatfield  rhatfield@co.boone.in.us       

Sergeant Vanessa Moistner vmoistner@co.boone.in.us

Sergeant Steffanie Scott  slscott@co.boone.in.us    

Mike Gideon mgideon@co.boone.in.us

Sam Sortor ssortor@co.boone.in.us

Cassie Hardin chardin@co.boone.in.us

Zac Woodrum zwoodrum@co.boone.in.us

Nicole Polley npolley@co.boone.in.us

Patience Bateman pbateman@co.boone.in.us

Kayla Fortner kfortner@co.boone.in.us

Nathan Davis ndavis@co.boone.in.us
Lydia Edwards ledwards@co.boone.in.us

Jeff Dixon jdixon@co.boone.in.us






Part - Time



Steve Toleos stoleos@co.boone.in.us

Jason Potts jpotts@co.boone.in.us

Anna Phelps aphelps@co.boone.in.us
Annie Greene agreene@co.boone.in.us

Ruthie Armas rarmas@co.boone.in.us

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Interested in training at the Boone County Sheriff's Office Facilities? 

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1905 Indianapolis Ave

Lebanon, IN 46052

Tel. (765) 482-1412

       (317) 873-5613

Fax (765) 483-3370


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