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The Boone County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division shall enforce the laws of the State of Indiana, safeguard life and property, prevent and detect crime, preserve the peace, protect the rights of all citizens and strive to enhance the quality of life in our ommunity. We will uphold the public trust by being honest and maintaining the highest standards of ethical and moral character. We will treat every citizen and visitor with fairness, integrity, respect, and compassion without discrimination of any kind.



   Reserve Deputies:


A) Reserves shall have all the powers and duties of regular members of the Sheriff Office. Reserve Deputies serve at the

    pleasure of the Sheriff and shall be subject to discharge without a hearing.


B) The Boone County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division has been serving Boone County, Indiana since 1979. It is comprised of   

    volunteers who are sworn Deputies empowered by the Sheriff of Boone County.

C) The reserve command staff consists of a Commander and 4 Squad Leaders responsible for the coordination of events,

    discipline, training schedule, hours monitoring, scheduling of vehicle maintenance/repairs and any other request of the    

    reserve division.


D) A class "A" reserve deputy has completed an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Academy and is qualified to

     perform solo patrol duties, having full law enforcement authority. These deputies are typically assigned to the patrol

     division; however, deputies possessing special skills may be assigned to other areas. Road qualified reserves will also

     provide court security, work security/traffic at special events, and perform other special assignments as designated

     by the Sheriff.

E) A Class "B" reserve deputy has completed an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Certified Academy, has full police

    powers but does not work solo patrol. They will at times transport prisoners to/from the jail and courthouse.

F) Class “A” and “B” reserves shall devote a minimum of 16 hours per month to the Reserve Division. This minimum does not

    relieve the reserve deputy from working special assignments/events. Additionally a monthly meeting is held for

    informational and training requirements.



QUALIFICATIONS - Minimum Requirements


  1) Be a citizen of the United States

  2) Be at least 21 years of age  

  3) Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.

  4) Be in sound physical and mental health

  5) Be a resident of Boone County, Indiana

  6) Have eyesight correctable to 20/20

  7) Cannot have any Felony, Battery misdemeanor or Domestic Violence conviction
  8) Pass a written entry-level examination

  9) Pass physical examination / agility testing
10) Submit to drug screening, psychological testing and a Polygraph (as needed)
11) Possess a valid driver’s license from the State of Indiana

12) Submit to being fingerprinted
13) Submit to a character and background investigation, which includes but is not limited to:
         - your credit rating
         - your previous and current employment
         - your driving record
         - any criminal records

         - interviews conducted with family members and/or friends

14) You must appear for an oral interview held by Reserve Board members
15) Not employed in the security field

16) Pass an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board accredited Academy course held at the Boone County Sheriff’s Office

      or other location as required over a period of several months

17) Successfully complete post academy field training

18) Work a minimum number of hours each month as determined by the Reserve Command structure to keep an active 

      status and be available for special events as needed

19) Purchase your own equipment other than what is provided by the Sheriff's Office

20) Cannot be a Corrections Officer at the BCSO



Citizen Community Service Volunteers:


Community Service Volunteer– is a designation for civilian personnel involved in the reserve program who are not commissioned deputies and have attended BCSO Citizen Academy.


Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to traffic control at the 4H fair, festivals, parades, symphony, booth duty and bike runs that occur throughout the year. Additionally they can assist with maintaining the sex offender registry and address verification, school functions, crime watch, natural disasters, and any other duties as assigned by the Sheriff.



For those interested in applying to become a BCSO Reserve Deputy:


THANK YOU for your interest in becoming part of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division.

In an effort to disclose the criteria and expectation of upcoming training for those selected, I’ve included some details:

1) There will be an extensive review of all applications

2) Once an individual has been selected to proceed to the next step in the process, they will be required to complete any 

    and/or all of the following:

    Additional background checks

    Home interview

    Physical/agility testing

    Written test                                                      


    Interview in front of the Reserve Board

    Any other activity that is warranted for the process

3) If hosted at the Boone County Jail once started, academy classes will be held on every Tues. and Thurs. from 6-10 pm with

    some Saturday classes. This academy will run for approximately 10 months. If hosted in Brownsburg, classes are every 

    Tues., Thurs., and Saturday however, the number of months may be reduced because of more frequent Saturday classes.

4) Post-graduation training though not defined in this document will include additional ride time and instruction over a

    projected period of approx. 12 months. (section “a” is subject to change depending on training criteria changes)

    a) Ride time and one-on-one instruction will occur over a projected period of approx. 12 months. During this training you 

        will be required to work a minimum of 32 hours per month. You may also choose to train 24 hrs. per month for 16

        months. Both equal out to 384hrs of additional training. Upon satisfactory completion of this training you will be

        authorized to work as a solo patrol unit within Boone County, Indiana.


5) The individual cost to the applicant upon acceptance and subsequent graduation from the Reserve Academy will be approx.

    $1,500 - $2,000 for the purchase of necessary police equipment (Sheriff Office supplies - I.D., badge, collar brass, portable

    radio, protective vest, pager, supplemental insurance). Obviously not all equipment would need to be purchased at one

    time (summer uniforms, winter uniforms, jacket, duty belt leathers, handcuffs, flashlight, O.C., firearm, campaign hat(s),

    boots, etc….). No person in the academy is authorized to wear any item indicating that they are Law Enforcement personnel

    as you are not an employee of the BSCO until given a conditional offer by the Sheriff.


6) You will be required to participate in area events such as festivals, 4H fair etc…. during your time in the academy and

     training. You will not be authorized to either have an I.D. or wear a Sheriff’s Office uniform until after you have been sworn

     in by the Sheriff.


7) Reserve Deputies are unpaid volunteers serving under and at the will of the Sheriff of Boone County while completing the

    same duties as full-time Merit Deputies.


8) This document is not meant to be all inclusive but referred to as a guideline of what to expect and to let you know that this

     is an extended process, even beyond academy graduation (approx. 2 years)


9) In considering whether to complete and return your application, consider that the duties expected of you will be no less

    than that of full-time Deputies. The risk to yourself is the same, very real and should not be taken lightly.

    I hope that this helps you decided whether to apply and offers some information about what to expect. 

    Best wishes to you and family no matter your decision.

    Find the application under the Administration tab – Employment – BCSO Application


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