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The Boone County Jail provides substance abuse counseling for inmates with funding from the Boone County Superior Court 2 Alcohol and Drug Program. Therapist Martin Berg, the President and Executive Director of Pro-Active Resources of Carmel, spends approximately 22 hours a week in session with these inmates. Mr. Berg also works with an Aftercare Group at the Boone County Probation Department.
(Addition) Penny Rader and Martin Berg have seen the need and appropriate the funds to hire a second Drug Counselor to their treatment staff, David A. Petty, LCAC and he specifically has added 20 hours more weekly to the addictions treatment of the female Inmate population allowing Martin to spend all of his time with the Men’s program.
Martin has also developed a great working relationship with area “half way houses” as another part of inmate rehabilitation and in helping place those individuals with care that best fits their situation.
There are three phases to the Drug Program – Phase 1 is the pre-drug program, Phase 2 is the actual Drug Program and the Phase 3 is the Post drug program where at each Phase the Inmate receives the appropriate prescribed care.
  • A male and a female cell block are occupied exclusively by those inmates who have earned admittance into the drug and alcohol counseling program, Inmates in “the drug block” must follow a strict code of conduct or face sanctions that can include removal.
  • Probation and Community Corrections also offers aftercare programs for both Male and Female inmates as a part of their commitment and continued treatment for their addictions
  • The structured program includes a senior committee that works with the program therapist to provide guidance and support to the group.
  • Alcoholic’s Anonymous classes are held each Monday evening in the drug block with approved AA volunteers providing instructions.
  • We have met with Probation and Narcotics Anonymous to start NA as a Jail curriculum
There were 42 admissions to the female drug program with 27 successful completing. There were 81 admissions to the male block with 66 successful completing in 2013
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