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In general, what are the duties of and requirements to become a Boone County Communications Officer?
Job Description
Role and Responsibilities
As a 911 Emergency Communications Officer, under general supervision, you will be responsible for receiving, recording and dispatching 911 calls to the appropriate emergency public safety personnel. Duties are performed in an Emergency Dispatch Center environment which is fast paced and very often stressful. Emergency Communications Officers must provide excellent customer service to the public while exercising considerable tact and firmness in obtaining information from distressed persons. Some of the responsibilities are below but the list is not limited to only these functions.
  • Answer 911 emergency and non-emergency calls from the public utilizing a variety of communications devices such as telephone, radio, and computer.
  • Assist inbound calls, from our internal customers, with citizen information, BMV records, jail information, background reports and other related information efficiently and expeditiously.
  • Obtain pertinent information from incoming calls in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • Classify and prioritize calls to establish and coordinate the proper public safety response.
  • Dispatch the appropriate resources such as police, fire, EMS, EMA and/or other emergency personnel as appropriate. Coordinate mutual aid when required.
  • Utilize the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) to promptly and accurately record data from all calls.
  • Efficiently operate computer terminal connected to IDACS, NCIC, and the BMV to obtain and relay essential information to emergency response personnel.
  • Monitor status of public safety units to ensure officer safety and availability for services.
  • Efficiently operate multiple communications devices and computer terminals concurrently to insure swift and appropriate response to calls.
  • Monitor alarms and security systems both internally and externally.
·         Perform other duties as needed or required.
Qualifications and Education Requirements
  • High School Graduate or GED and at least 21 years of age.
  • Lawful resident of the United States for the past 10 consecutive years.
  • One to two years’ work experience in the emergency response field and/or customer service field is helpful. Enthusiastic, career-minded applicants, meeting all skills and abilities requirements, will be trained.
  • Successful completion of pre-employment tests to include (but not limited to) written, oral, polygraph, verification of employment history, credit, criminal and BMV background check, and timed computerized test to measure ability to multi-task.
  • Due to the critical nature of communications with the public that an Emergency Communications Officer will have on a daily basis, and the high level of scrutiny given our public service applicants, you will be required to undergo an extensive and sometimes lengthy background check. This background check will be similar to that which a law enforcement officer would undergo.
Preferred Skills
This position must be able to provide excellent communications skills. These skills should be proven both verbally and by written means. This position must be able to follow written and oral instruction. This position must have the leadership and decision making skills to complete tasks in the most efficient and timely manner. This position requires multitasking capabilities. Some of these skills are detailed below.
  • Ability to quickly and accurately record information utilizing a keyboard.
  • Ability to clearly, effectively and efficiently communicate in the English language, both verbally and in writing. Bilingual ability is a plus.
  • Capable of multi-tasking, exercising good judgment and making quick decisions in stressful situations.
  • Capable of working rotating shifts (including evening and midnight), weekends, holidays and overtime. Flexibility in order to accommodate unexpected situations, emergencies, etc.
  • Able to maintain a professional, calm and helpful attitude with callers.
  • Able to work well with others in a confined area for hours at a time.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of community focus
  • Must be an effective problem solver.
  • Ability to analyze situations quickly and objectively, and on own initiative, to determine proper course of action.
  • Effectively work with other divisions within the office as well as agencies outside the office.
  • Must want to work in a public services environment and have a desire to assist the public in distressed situations
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